Our Commercial Structure

Azzurra employs a professionally qualified team that, thanks also to a family atmosphere, works with dedication and extreme availability.

Every day Azzurra guarantees the selection and shipment of the best fresh fish.

Within its structure, a team of 10 people carries out the various phases of the activity: commercial, logistics and administrative.

Food Quality and Safety

The Azzurra plant, which is also the company headquarters, has an EEC stamp and has modern and innovative warehouses, equipment and production lines for the management of fresh, frozen and prepared products.

This allows the company to comply with the hygiene, safety and traceability rules required by current legislation.

To verify the freshness and quality of the products, rigorous analytical checks are then carried out on the products marketed, as established by the H.A.C.C.P.

The continuous and careful checks make it possible to guarantee compliance with the standards established by the regulations in force.


Azzurra is engaged on a daily basis in organizing a complex network of national and foreign transport of the various fish products.

For this reason, the company has twenty refrigerated vehicles of various types and also makes use of trusted hauliers (some of whom work exclusively for Azzurra).

Guarantee maximum satisfaction

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